This is a great website for finding software to do a new task, or to check if the software recommended by a friend is malware-free and does what it says it will do.

Some programs that I've really enjoyed include:
IrfanView an image editing program for changing formats, decreasing file size with minimal loss of sharpness.
Audacity is a program for interchanging .wav .mp3 or .ogg files.  It can also change the bit rate to make the file smaller.  I've used this a lot in making files for my Song of the Week pages.
Firefox Add-Ons
Do you use Firefox as your browser? It's good, and less susceptible to hacking, but the great thing about it is the number of wonderful features you can add on to make your experience even better.   The number of available add-ons is overwhelming. So I'll post about the ones I like best.

Here's a link to a review by one of my favorite internet sites, This Is True, run by Randy Cassingham:
Randy plugs a couple of his favorite sites, and gives you more information on where to look to further enhance your browsing experience with Firefox.

My personal favorites are:
Adblock - blocks pop-ups, but gives you a light yellow stripe where you can unblock the pop-up if it's one you want to see.
BBCodeXtra - I love this one. This board makes it easy to use BBC to tag text to make it bold, italicized, act as a link, put it in a quote block, but BBCode can do this with a right click of the mouse
ForecastFox - adds weather info to a toolbar of your choice in your browser window.
FoxyTunes - lets you control your music player and see the song title and artist playing now without leaving the browser window. Very very nice. Probably my favorite add-on.
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