Dead People Server
Have you ever got talking about somebody - a favorite actor, sports icon, musician - and wondered what ever happened to them?  Or more to the point, Are they still alive?

Wonder no more.  Just go to the
Dead People Server and find out.  They even add links to official web pages, IMDb, Obituaries, and FindaGrave for you.

You can quickly settle many an argument with this site.
How Stuff Works
This is a great site for explaining , well, how stuff works.  Recent entries include how sting rays kill people, the hows and whys of  movie distribution, and how dogs became man's best friend.

The information presented here is very readable, accurate, and concise.
The Straight Dope
The Straight Dope is a feature column for the Chicago Reader, a weekly independent newspaper in Chicago.  It is written by Cecil Adams, who claims to be the world's smartest human, and answers all those tough questions like  Did the ancient Romans use a natural herb for birth control? or What is the zebra mussel doing to Lake Michigan? or How is the market price established for crude oil? and is available for online reading at this site.

There is a very large, very active message board associated with the Straight Dope column.  It's not a place for those who are thin-skinned, those who would enter a battle of wits unarmed, or those who tend to make up facts as they go along.  But it is a bustling site of very smart and often very funny people, and you can learn a lot there.  Just don't ask the -gry question, why people drive on parkways and park on driveways, or if Cecil is actually a pseudonym for the Chicago Readers editors and a select group of subject matter experts.
Exotic Languages
Have you ever wanted to speak Lo;ngpn?  Or maybe your Sindarin or Quenya?

Or more than 300 other languages, both fictional and real?

Go to and choose from many different languages.
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