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Have you ever searched for something online, but didn't find what you wanted?  Google reaches about 800 billion pages, which is an incredible amount of data.  However there is an "invisible web", or deep web estimated to be 500x the size of the visible web.

But there are databases and specialty search engines that Google doesn't get to.  Researchers in a given field know the applicable search means for their fields, but there are dozens out there.  How can you find out if something you want to know may be learned through one of these search engines?

Go to the
Online Education Database, and check out some of these engines.  You can browse through the art held by the Louvre - what is on display, and what is held but not on display.  You can research legal topics in FindLaw or medical topics in PubMed.  You prepare for an interview with a salary wizard calculator, or a car deal with Blue Book.

Of the 119 reference sites indexed, almost all are free.  Sharp-eyed readers will even find a site I've previously featured!
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