Formed - 1971  Los Angeles CA

Songwriting       *****
Singing               ****
Musicianship       ****
Performing        *****

Genres:  Pop, Rock, Country-Rock

Concert:  El Paso TX 2002

The Eagles were probably my favorite group in HS and college, An edgy blend of country and rock, smart lyrics, great guitar riffs, and a sense of timelessness that has helped them stay popular into the 4th decade.
Band Memebers

Pictured (L to R)
The Long Run, Hell Freezes Over eras
Joe Walsh*
Timothy Schmidt*
Don Henley*
Don Felder
Glenn Frey*
* current

From other eras: 
Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon
Favorite Songs
The Last Resort
Hotel California
Learn to Be Still
Life in the Fast Lane
Wasted Time
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Take It Easy
Lyin' Eyes
Already Gone
Eagles 1972

Take It Easy
Witchy Woman
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Take the Devil
Desperado 1973

Tequila Sunrise
Doolin' Dalton
Certain Kind of Fool
On the Border  1974

Already Gone
James Dean
On the Border
Best of My Love
One of The Nights 1975

One of These Nights
Lyin' Eyes
Take It to the Limit
After the Thrill Is Gone
Hotel California  1976

The Last Resort
Hotel California
Wasted Time
Pretty Maids All in a Row
The Long Run 1979

The Long Run
In the City
Heartache Tonight
I Can't Tell You Why
Favorite Artists
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