Born - Henry John Deutschendorf
           Dec 31, 1943  Roswell NM, Aspen CO
Died:  Oct 12, 1997
Songwriter       *****
Singer               ****
Musician            ***
Performer        *****

Genres:  Country, Folk, Pop/Rock

Concert:  1978 Oklahoma CIty

I think John Denver is one of the people who defined the early 1970s popular music with the fusion of country, folk, rock and singers who wrote most of their their own songs, and created some of the most soaring inspirational lyrics and some of the worst schlock of the era.  But he didn't try to be hip or edgy or anything other than the country boy he was.  He was a wonderful performer as well.  The time I saw him, he sent his band off for a break, and stayed on the stage, doing several acoustic tunes before his band rejoined him.

He will be missed.
Favorite Songs
Follow Me
Take Me Home Country Roads
Poems, Prayers, and Promises
Rhymes and Reasons
Goodbye Again
Sunshine on My Shoulders
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Rocky Mountain High
Annie's Song
Back Home Again
John Denver's Greatest Hits, 1973

Follow Me
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Poems, Prayers, and Promises
Rhymes and Reasons
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