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Looking back from 2010:
Facebook is a terrible addiction.  I did keep watching all the games, but didn't keep up with my site.  But I'm no longer cooking dishes in my cafe, planting crops on Farmville & Farm Town, striving for the biggest, fanciest Zoo, aquarium, or domination of my domain in Camelot.

76th Sun Bowl
12/31/2009  Oklahoma 31   Stanford 27

11/28/09   Oklahoma State 0   Oklahoma 27
11/21/09   Oklahoma 13  
Texas Tech 41
Texas A&M 10   Oklahoma 65
11/7/09     Oklahoma 3  
Nebraska 10
Kansas State 30   Oklahoma 42
10/24/09   Oklahoma 35  
Kansas 13
10/17/09   Oklahoma 13  
Texas 16
Baylor 7 Oklahoma 33
10/3/09     Oklahoma 20  
Miami 21

9/26/09  AP#10   USA Today#9
10:53  PM

Looks like we handled B-Y-E a lot better than we handled BYU.  Should move up a few notches due to top 10 losses.  Part of me was sorry to Miami lose today, since it likely takes the OU-Miami game out of contention for Game Day, and lowers the reward for winning.  Well, the hallmark of an elite program is the ability to maintain the focus on winning without getting distracted by all the peripheral stuff.  That's what fans are for!

9/19/09  AP#12  USA Today#12
2:30   Kickoff   Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 0
A little more of a challenge this week, but still I think Landry Jones & the Sooners are a lot more confident than after the BYU loss.  Go get 'em, Sooners!
3:20  1Q  Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 10
Well, if I were being honest, I'd have to say that Tulsa was outplaying Oklahoma.  The Sooners have been able to capitalize on their opportunities and shut down the Golden Hurrican when it mattered.
4:10  Halftime  Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 31
This is looking better.  Landry Jones has 2 very reliable receivers in Ryan Broyles, and Brandon Caleb.  Caleb actually impressed me as one bright spot in the game against BYU.  I think we'll be hearing his name a lot...
5:20  3Q  Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 45
Even better.  Nobody's saying "Sam who?" but it's great to see Landry Jones grow in confidence.  I don't know what's wrong Adron Tennell, but he has only 2 receptions so far this season - none against Idaho State last week, and none so far today.  I hope he can start producing for the Sooners.  The BYU game might have been completely different if had made a couple more receptions.
6:15  Final  Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 45
Two shutouts in a row.  Record number of TD passes for a Sooner freshman QB (6).  New record for consecutive home wins (26).  All in all a good day.

9/12/09  AP#13  USA Today#14
IdahoState 0   Oklahoma 64
Not on television, so I didn't get to watch this one.  Seemed like every time I checked on the game, the Sooners haad scores again.  I can imagine what a party it must have been at Owen Field.

9/5/09  AP#3  USA Today #3
Brigham Young 14   Oklahoma 13
JerryWorld was phenomenal.  The Sooners not so much.  It wasn't that they played well and got beat by a better team.  Actually both teams IMO played badly; but I guess the Cougars, in the end, played less badly than the Sooners.  Would Sam staying in have made a difference?  Maybe not, but with Bradford in there the team believes that any given play might be a touchdown, and might just give that extra something to make it happen.  It didn't happen for Jones.  The season is not over, of course.  But the polls are likely to be a little less friendly to the Sooners after two BCS Bowl losses.  So for the Sooners to get back on top will take a lot of help; it's no longer entirely in our hands.

9/4/09  AP#3  USA Today #3

Super psyched for this one!  I get to go watch my Sooners play!  Not to mention seeing JerryWorld in person.
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OU Chant

Our chant rolls on and on
Thousand strong
Join heart and song
In alma mater's praise.

Our campus beautiful by day and night
Our colors waving proudly red and white
'Neath a western sky
OU's Chant will never die
Live on, University.


OU's Fight Song
(the official one no one knows about)

We march down the field with our heads held high
Determined to win every battle we're in
We'll fight with all our might
For the red and the white!
Roll on, roll on down the field
For a victory is nigh!
You know we've come to win this game for Oklahoma
And we will win or know the reason why.

And, of course...


Boomer Sooner

Boomer sooner boomer sooner
Boomer sooner boomer sooner
Boomer sooner boomer sooner
Boomer sooner OK U!
We're Sooner born and Sooner bred
And when we die we'll be Sooner dead!
Rah! Oklahoma! Rah! Oklahoma!
Rah! Oklahoma!  OK U! 

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