Sooners  2010
1/10/2011  AP#6   USAToday#6
Good year, Sooners!  Farewell to John Nimmo, Cameron Kenney, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Caleb, Mossis Madu, Brandon Crow, Brian Lepak, Erik Mensik, Cory Brandon, and Tavaris Jeffries on offense, and to Jonathan Nelson, Quinton Carter, Emmanuel Jones, Billy Batchelear, Jeremy Beal, Adrian Taylor, and Pryce Macon on defense.  Well done, and good luck in life, and to the lucky ones, in the NFL.

1/1/2011  AP #9   USAToday#8   BCS#7
Connecticut 20   Oklahoma 48
This one had me worried.  Oklahoma deserved a better game than this, and sometimes, when they've felt disappointed about the bowl game, they've let down in their playing with disappointing results.  But they came ready to prove the nay-sayers wrong and dominated the game.  And made their case to start off well next season. 
BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/4/10   AP#10   USAToday#9   BCS#9
6:50   Kickoff  
Nebraska 0   Oklahoma 0
First, I need to correct an error and recall that Oklahoma and Nebraska have met once before in the Big XII Championship Game - in 2006, with the Sooners coming out on top.  I hope this year is a repeat of that.  Weather should not be a factor since the game is at Jerryworld, where I expect the roof will be closed tonight.  I hope to see lots of trick plays and a great game that recalls the 1970 "Game of the Century".
7:50   2nd Quarter   Nebraska 10   Oklahoma 0
Not off to a good start.  What horrific TV coverage when they leave for ads without ever saying whether the Sooners converted the 4th and 1 (They didn't) Hope for a better 2nd quarter!
9:00   Halftime   Nebraska 20   Oklahoma 17
I think Oklahoma got a little greedy taking that timeout that allowed Nebraska to get 3 extra points on the board.  But I think the momentum is going Oklahoma's way right now, and Landry Jones has gained incredible confidence with how the offense has come together in the 2nd quarter.
9:55   4th Quarter   Nebraska 20 Oklahoma 20
Not a high-scoring quarter.  Just enough for the Sooners to pull even with the Cornhuskers.  Great play from the the OU defense to shut out Nebraska this quarter.
10:45   Final   Nebraska 20   Oklahoma 23
No trickeration.  Maybe just a touch of Sooner Magic™ when Stoops called the tieout to stop the fake punt on a 4th and 4.  But the Sooner defense didn't need any magic - they were able to shut down the Nebraska offense for the entire second half.  Jimmy Stevens kicked a game-winning field field goal after the Sooner offense bogged down inside the 10.  Now it's just up to the BCS Selection Committee to see who the Sooners face in the Fiesta Bowl - most likely either the Connecticut Huskies, or, in a rematch of last year's Sun Bowl, the Stanford Cardinal.  I'm looking forward to a great game either way.
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!

11/28/10   AP#10   USAToday#9   BCS#9
It's official - Oklahoma is headed to it's Big XII-leading 8th Championship game, where they hold a 6-1 record.  Last night's win guaranteed Oklahoma will extend its NCAA-best 10-win-season mark to 32.  I am really happy to see an Oklahoma-Nebraska matchup next week to end the Big XII Championship games.  I'd love to see Oklahoma take their domination of the game to 7-1, and make it clear that Nebraska is leaving the Big XII with its tail beteween its legs.  If current projections hold, there may a rematch of last year's Sun Bowl with Oklahoma meeting Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl.

11/27/10   AP#14   USAToday#13   BCS #13
7:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Oklahoma State 0
It's a cool night in Stillwater - currently 52 on the way to a low of 32.  OU has won the last 7 against in-state rival OSU.  Huge stakes for both teams - probably only one team from the Big XII going to a BCS bowl, and that ticket comes through the Big XII Championship.  A Sooner win would have to be "endorsed" by the BCS Poll computatations to get them there, but it seems likely that OU would not finish worse than 1 place lower than OSU and unlikely that A&M would leapfrog over Oklahoma, so a Sooner win should result in a trip to Jerry World.
8:03   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 7   Oklahoma State 3
One really solid drive by Oklahoma, and a good defensive series to limit OSU to a FG when they had superb field position after an interception.  OU's back on offense in great field position after an interception. 
8:55   Halftime   Oklahoma 24   Oklahoma State 17
Lots of back-and-forth - this one's going to be a barn burner, I think.   Too many interceptions from Jones, but a great drive to put up 3 more points in the last minute of the half - superb clock management there.  I get the feeling that Oklahoma is stopping themselves more than OSU is.  If the defense can stay tough and  Jones can build on that last drive where he made excellent decisions, and spot-on throws, there'll be a lot of crimson-clad fans singing "Everything's Going Our Way"
10:10   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 24   Oklahoma State 24
Definitely a nail-biter.  Hope the Sooners can put together the best 4th quarter of the season.  They'll need to to get the win.
11:00   Final   Oklahoma 47   Oklahoma State 41
And that, boys and girls, is why they call it Bedlam.  WooHoo, Sooners look to be Arlington-bound.  Some great pass plays that caught OSU trying too hard to defend against run plays that would eat up clock.   It looks like with the last two games we may have shaken off the road demons, and with this one, anyway, we may have shaken off the 4th quarter letdown.  Still need to work on making Inside the Red Zone = 7 points.  I really look forward to some old-school Sooner Magic™ against Nebraska.   Hope to hear from Barry and Tom during the game.
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!!

11/21/10   AP#14   USAToday#13   BCS#13
Another week, another step (or two) up.  If Oklahoma wins this week, they're headed to the last Big XII Championship game.  I hope they make it.  It would be really good to play Nebraska, since Nebraska playing Oklahoma in the Big XII finale was a foregone conclusion when the Big XII was created.  Only it hasn't ever happened, and will not if not now.  It would be even sweeter if Oklahoma beats Nebraska, since having to play a championship game that seldom benefitted Nebraska if they won, and hurt them when they lost, was one factor that caused the Cornhuskers to scurry of to the Big Ten.  I don't see any Big XII team with a shot at a second BCS bowl slot, so it's winner take all in the Big XII Championship game.  Hope OU is that team.

11/20/10   AP#16   USAToday#14   BCS#14
7:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0 
Baylor 0
Looks like a beautiful evening for football in Waco.  Lots at stake for the Sooners as both this week and next week are must-win games if the Sooners want to win the Big XII South.
7:50   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 21   Baylor 0
Nice start, Sooners!  Three nice drives.  A couple of mistakes with an interception and a long running play for Baylor, but  everything seems to be clicking for the Sooners.  Incredible TD run for Finch!
8:40   Halftime   Oklahoma 34   Baylor 7
Another good quarter, but more red zone problems for the Sooner offense, settling for two field goals from the 11 and 16 yard lines.  Next week, those points are likely to matter.  One thing I don't understand is why Jones seems so afraid to run the ball.  He has passed up good opportunities to advance the ball to make weak or risky throws.  Plus if you never try to run the ball, the opponents don't have to cover you and can stay on your receivers.
9:45   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 53   Baylor 10
More good football from the Sooners.  The safety was terrific.  But another drive that earned three points instead of 7.  The third down play looked to have been totally lown - the receiver was no where near where Landry Jones thought he would be.
10:45   Final   Oklahoma 53   Baylor 24
Very scary hit  for Roy Finch.  Looked like he was a rag doll  when the Baylor defender flipped him.  I hope he's OK, and back in next week.   Hard to tell much from this 4th quarter.  It's nice not to have to sweat it out, but I'd like to know that the starters can play a solid 4 quarters of football if they have to.  I suspect they will next week
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!

11/14/10   AP#16   USAToday#14   BCS#14
Glad to see Oklahoma moving up a little.  If they can win out, they'll move up a lot more, but that's a big if!
For 11/13/10   AP#19   USAToday#16   BCS#16
6:00   Final  
Texas Tech 7   Oklahoma
This is a late entry because I was able to see this game at Owen Field in Norman.  First time back "home" since 1979,  It was fantastic, and I loved the red-and-white fans, the Sooner Schooner, the Ruf-Neks, and the O-U kickoffs (lots of OU kickoffs thanks to a highly efficient offense.)  I like the fireworks, too - nice touch.  But the real fireworks were on the field, where Oklahoma was able to score on 4 of 4 1st quarter possessions to make the score 24-7 after 1 quarter.  Great job, Sooners!  Oklahoma's home win streak is now at 36, which is the longest active streak in college football.
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!

11/7/10   AP#19   USAToday#16   BCS#16
Well, as far as the AP goes, it's been 0 steps up and 8 steps back for the last 2 weeks.  I have a little more perspective today than yesterday.  When I look back to the beginning of the season, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Sooners ranked in the Top 10, given how they fared last year, and the amount of talent they lost to the NFL with Bradford, McCoy, Williams, and Gresham all taken in the top 10.  The first 6 games, Oklahoma was charmed, somehow always finding a way to hold on and win.  Missouri broke that spell, and A&M smashed it into smithereens, so for Oklahoma to win now, their very young team is going to have to grow up quick.  They have the talent; do they have the heart to win on the road, to force their way into the end zone from the three, and to keep up the intensity for four quarters, or even overtime?  I hope so.

11/6/10   AP#11   USAToday#9   BCS#8
6:05   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Texas A&M 0
Kyle Field is always a difficult place to play.  Looks like beautiful football weather.  Looking forward to some great football!
6:55   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 0   Texas A&M 9
OUch on the first snap leading to a safety.  OU's defense made a critical interception, but so far hasn't stopped A&M on downs.  And the Sooner offense hasn't been consistent.  Despite an extra set of downs due to a penalty, still couldn't put it in the end zone.  I hope Oklahoma finds its rhythm and gets going.
7:50   Halftime   Oklahoma 0   Texas A&M 12
I suppose I should be happy that the 2nd quarter only saw the Sooners down three more points.  Better than the 1st quarter, and it could have been so much worse.  Oklahoma needs to wake up.  This one is still winnable if the Sooners can get it together.
8:55   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 17  Texas A&M 19
Well, the second half didn't get off to a good start win a kickoff returned for a touchdown but since then, it's been all Oklahoma with the Sooners notching 17 unanswered points.  I hope the Sooners pull a very good 4th quarter out of their bag of tricks. 

9:50   Final   Oklahoma 19  
Texas A&M 33
I have to say that I didn't see this one coming.  I had really hoped that the Sun Bowl was going to end all of the "Sooners can't play on the road" talk.  But not only does Oklahoma have a road problem, they also have a 4th quarter problem, and a "can't score from inside the three" problem.  Not a good combination.  I hope they find a solution, as 2 of the last 3 regular season games are road games.  If they win out, they will still win the Big XII South division, but that's a HUGE if anymore.

10/31/10   AP#11   USAToday#9   BCS#8
I think Oklahoma got tricked this Halloween by the AP Poll.  I can understand Nebraska vaulting over the Sooners after they beat Missouri yesterday, but what did Stanford do to leapfrog Oklahoma?   Was their win over Washington so much better than Oklahoma's win over Colorado that it moved them up 53 points?  I'm not getting it.  Looks like I won't get my wish to play against Missouri in the Big XII Championship game, but having an Oklahoma-Nebraska match-up would be good as well.  Nod to tradition and all, before Nebraska runs off to the Big Ten(with 12 teams).

10/30/10   AP#11   USAToday#11   BCS#9
8:05   Kickoff  
Colorado 0   Oklahoma 0
Oklahoma will be going for consecutive home win #34 tonight to extend their best active streak in the NCAA.  Oklahoma does play well at home, and I think they'll do fine today.  Missouri lost to Nebraska, so the Big XII races in both divisions are thickening up.
9:00   2nd Quarter  
Colorado 0 Oklahoma 3
Oklahoma's offense is off to a slow start with one stalled drive leading to a punt, and 2 drives stalling in the Red Zone leading to a FG, and a FG attempt when the 2nd quarter begins.  The Sooners' defense has been terrific so far - no big plays, no extended drives.
9:55   Halftime   Colorado 3   Oklahoma 29
Much more consistency from the offense, and continued great play from the defense.  51 total offensive plays in the half is amazing.
11:15   4th Quarter   Colorado 10   Oklahoma 43
Continued good play from the Sooners.  I hope Finch's hand injury isn't too bad.  Keep it going, Sooners!
11:55   Final   Colorado 10 Oklahoma 43
And the home win streak continues.  Tonight may have proven costly as far as injuries go, however.  Jones was gimpy on his L leg for a bit.  Finch left with a hand injury.  A couple of offensive linemen left the game early.  I hope they're all healthy soon.  I understand the rationale for playing backups in the fourth quarter, but when your team has struggled in the fourth quarter when the games been close, I wonder if they need more practice.  With four games to go, including tough road games against Baylor and Oklahoma State to end the regular season, I hope the Sooners can get the 4th quarter figured out.

10/24/10   AP#11   USAToday#11   BCS#9
Tough to see the rankings go the wrong way, but the Oklahoma team that played last night was not good enough to beat a good team like Missouri.  I truly hope the Sooners  have the chance to play them in Arlington in December.

10/23/10   AP#3   USAToday#3   BCS#1
6:55   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Missouri 0
The is the last chance Oklahoma will have to beat an unbeaten team until bowl time, since Oklahoma State lost to Nebraska today.  Seems like most of the Big XII teams have dual personalities, including Oklahoma.  I hope the Sooners play the way they did last week!  Don't know which team is going to be more affected by rain.  Oklahoma isn't too dependent on long passes, but Murray & Broyles may find the footing unreliable.
7:45   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 7   Missouri 7
Didn't like the start of the game, but I do think Oklahoma is moving the ball better than Missouri is.  Great game so far!
8:40   Halftime   Oklahoma 14   Missouri 17
Oklahoma is behind.  This is the first time Oklahoma has trailed at the end of any quarter.  But I don't think the game is out of reach.  Missouri barely got that FG off, and I actually think Oklahoma has as much momentum as Missouri going into the second half.  Take away several Sooner errors, and the score is very different.  This is still Oklahoma's game to win, as long as they hold on to the ball and play the way they have been.  A few sacks or hurries by the D wouldn't  hurt, either.
9:45   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 21   Missouri 20
So far, so good!  Keep up the good play, Sooners!
10:40   Final   Oklahoma 27   Missouri 36
Too many mistakes against too good a team.  I was really sorry to see Stoops give up and punt on 4th and 10.  Did the Sooners have a realistic chance to win, then?  No.  But making the first down, and possibly even a score on the drive would have salvaged a little confidence for the Sooners, and this is still a very young team.  There's an excellent chance these teams will meet again this year, and knowing you can get a clutch score in the waning minutes may be important.

10/17/10   AP#3   USA Today#3   BCS#1
I read somewhere the the Sooners needed to score some "style points" this weekend if they wanted credibility and to do well in the BCS Poll.  I guess they succeeded, because when the BCS Poll came out today, Oklahoma was on top.  Not that it matters much, and the Sooners have some tough games ahead of them, but it's nice to have the bragging rights.  This is the 4th time since the current BCS system began that Oklahoma has been #1 in the initial ranking.  I hope the Sooners can hold onto that.

10/16/10   AP#6   USA Today#6
5:55   Kickoff  
Iowa State 0 Oklahoma 0
Another beautiful day in Norman in which the Sooners will try to defend their longest active home win streak (currently at 34).  It is possible the DeMarco Murray could break a very longstanding Sooner record - Steve Owens's 1969 career rord of 57 touchdowns.  Murray has 55 going in today.
6:50   2nd  Quarter   Iowa State 0   Oklahoma 10
So far so good.  Oklahoma has looked solid on both sides of the ball.  Keep it up!
7:40   Halftime   Iowa State 0   Oklahoma 31
Great to see Murray get the last touchdown.  I'm really excited by Roy Finch - he had a terrific 3 rushes in a row to lead off one drive.  The sideline reporter just asked Bob Stoops if this was the most complete half of football the Sooners have put together.  I'd have to agree with him that yes, it was!
8:45   4th Quarter   Iowa State 0   Oklahoma 45
Another great quarter.  Murray scored twice to surpass Steve Owens's career touchdown record and still has 7-8 games to go.  Broyles passed his own single game reception mark with 15 and counting (13 in the first half!).  Keep it coming!
9:20   Final   Iowa State 0   Oklahoma 52
Record Extended:  Consecutive Home Wins (34) Longest Active streakk in Division I
Record Beaten:  Ryan Broyles - Single Game Receptions (15)  Was 13 by R Broyles.
Record Beaten:  DeMarco Murray - Career Touchdowns  (58)  Was 57 by S. Owens 1969.
Way to go guys.  Nice job on the shutout, for the D.

10/10/10  AP#6  USA Today#6
Nebraska passed Oklahoma as expected, but the good news is that Alabama's loss dropped them below Oklahoma, for now at least.  So Oklahoma keeps the #6 spot in the AP poll, picking up (2) first place votes in the process, and moves from 7 to 6 in the Coaches Poll.
And, good grief, someone at CBS was apparently bored, and is publishing
bowl projections already...  For those interected, they pick Oklahoma to lose to Nebraska in the Big XII championship game, and wind up playing SEC-champion Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and Oho State & Oregon in the BCS Chamionship game.  They're also NOT picking TCU to be in any of the BCS bowls.  This could be verrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting before its all said and done.

10/9/10  AP#6   USA Today#7
Bye week for Oklahoma.  Quite a few unbeatens lost this week, so the polls should have a lot of movement.  I'd love to see Oklahoma & Nebraska meet as unbeatens in the Big XII championship game.  That's what everyone envisioned when the Big XII formed.  It hasn't happened yet, and if it doesn't happen this year, it won't happen, since Nebraska is hightailing it to the Big Ten.

10/3/10   AP#6   USA Today#7
OK, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that Oklahoma jumped Nebraska in the AP poll during a bye week for Nebraska.  I suspect that will flip next week, when the Sooners have a bye week.  OU is one of 18 unbeatens left in BCS subdivision.  Check it out.

10/2/10   AP#8   USA Today#8
2:15   Kickoff  
Texas 0   Oklahoma 0  
It's too bad this isn't a clash of unbeatens but it's still a huge game for both teams.  One of the best rivalries in college football.  Here's hoping for a good game with the Sooners coming out on top!
3:20   2nd Quarter   Texas 7   Oklahoma 14
Oklahoma's offense can really move down the field fast when they're clicking.  Jones is really looking good, with most of the incompletes being catchable.  The talking heads keep talking about OU's 2 playmakers (Broyles and Murray), but I think they need to add Trey Millard to that list.  He saved a drive a couple of times already.
4:15   Halftime   Texas 7   Oklahoma 21
Oklahoma is looking better than Texas on both sides of the ball right now.  I hope they can maintain the momentum and intensity for the second half.  The interception at the end of the half was a nice touch.
5:15   4th Quarter   Texas 10 Oklahoma 21
Definitely a defensive quarter.  Nice red zone stop to force Texas to settle for a field goal after a fake punt led to a first down.  Oklahoma is one play away from getting the offense back in gear, I think.
6:05   Final   Texas 20  Oklahoma 28
Nail-biter there at the end.  Landry Jones saved the game by knocking a fumbled ball away from a Longhorn.  Once again, OU was outscored in the 4th quarter, but had enough lead going in to hold on to win the game.  Oklahoma's previous opponents did well this weekend, with Utah State beating BYU, Florida State ripping Virginia, and Air Force sinking Navy.  Oklahoma has a week off next week, and needs to retool & refine a few things, but 5-0 is way better than 2-3 at this point last year.

9/26/10   AP#8   USA Today #8
Well, Oklahoma passed Texas, but Florida passed the Sooners, so we stood still in the AP poll.  There's a big split for Texas, which is ranked 21st in the AP Poll, and 16th in the USA Today Poll.  Two new Big XII teams, Missouri & Oklahoma State cracked the Top 25 in the USA Today Poll.  But next week, conference play starts in earnest, so it's hard to have too many new teams enter the Top 25 if they're not there already.

9/25/10   AP#8   USA Today #9
5:00   Kick-Off   Oklahoma 0  
Cincinnati 0
First road game for the Sooners is against a struggling, but still dangerous, Cincinnati team.
5:50   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 14   Cincinnati 3
I was worried, since this was the first game in which the Sooners didn't score on their first possession. But after yielding a field goal after the Bearcats started with superb field position, the Sooners took it to the house twice.  I like the offensive balance, and the addition of Trey Millard to the receiver corps.
6:45   Halftime   Oklahoma 17   Cincinnati 9
Wow.  I am so glad Jonathan Nelson is back this week.  That strip was perfect!  This game is going to be a lot tighter than it appeared after one quarter.  Landry Jones seems to have settled down, but I hope he can forget about that last incompletion.  I'm sorry to see that OU won't be facing an unbeaten Texas next week, but the Sooners have their hands full tonight, and the polls will take care of themselves if the Sooners can take care of scoring more points than the other guys every week.
7:45   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 24   Cincinnati 12
This is really shaping up to be a good game.  That was perfect timing for a sack by Travis Lewis.  Nice extra effort TD for Mossis Madu.
8:45   Final   Oklahoma 31   Cincinnati 29
A win is a win.  It may not have been a pretty win.  It may not have been an overpowering win.  It may not have been a "statement" win.  But is was a win, and a road win at that.  And there may come a time later in the season, where Oklahoma needs to know that they can win close ones, and play four quarters of football, and win on the road.  Right now, 4 and 0 are the only numbers that matter.
ASIDE:  I really dislike this ESPN2 crew.  They can't seem to maintain the chat and keep track of down and distance or even state the correct yard line.  Or mention, let alone show, what penalty had OU starting on their own 8 yard line.

9/19/10   11:30PM   AP#8   USA Today #9
Nebraska-Texas-Oklahoma are 6-7-8 in the AP poll.  I guess we'll have a chance to sort that all out out the field.  I just hope we get a crack at the upper echelon!  Got this page back on WebRing - Waves to the handful of people that might bring in!

9/18/10   AP#7   USA Today #9
2:30   Kick-Off  
Air Force 0   Oklahoma 0
Another beautiful day for football in Norman OK.  This is definitely not a game to take lightly; AF beat BYU last week, and leads the nation in rushing.  We know what the Sooners can do.  What we don't know about is consistency.  This is an opportunity to put that ghost of the season past to rest.  I hope the defense is ready for the wishbone!
3:20   2nd Quarter   Air Force 3   Oklahoma 7
Great 1st drive, then a tough kickoff and a 3-and-out from the 10 offensively.  Lots of good defense from the Sooners, so no touchdowns for the Falcons, but they're 1 of 2 for FG attempts to keep things close.  I hope the Sooners find their groove.
4:10  Halftime   Air Force 3   Oklahoma 10
Defense definitely ruled this quarter for both teams.  Landry Jones seems to have lost his swagger and has not quite been able to make the passing game work.  Hope he can get back to that 1st drive.
5:10   4th Quarter   Air Force 10   Oklahoma 27
Little bit of a scare when AF tied it up, but that didn't last long!  After that it's been all Oklahoma.  Landry Jones seems to have settled down with a little help from his friends.  AF isn't giving up, though.  But while their offense is great for eating up clock, they're not so good at coming from behind.
6:00   Final   Air Force 24   Oklahoma 27
Air Force wasn't done yet.  But they didn't quite have enough to overcome the Sooners, and so this is another tick mark in the W column - #802 and counting.  The Falcons have a  very dangerous, very explosive offense, and I think they have a very good chance at winning they commander's cup, and playing spoiler for TCU's hopes of a BCS appearance.  I didn't see Brennan Clay in the game today, and can only hope that Jonathan Nelson's knee injury isn't too bad and that he'll be back soon.  Congratulations to the Sooners for extending their longest active home winning streak to 33, and their school-record consecutive sellouts to 70.

9/12/10   10:44PM   AP#7   USA Today #9

Sometimes, the opposite of good is better, and a desire to make improvements leads to disaster.  Such was the case last night, when I tried to add a real functioning blog so people could add their comments to mine.  In the process, I wound up wiping out my whole sports subdirectory, including OU pages going back to the start of the 2005 season, and my fan page for the Red River Rivalry.  I can't re-create all my thoughts but I am going to post my memories of these games bit by bit.  My main focus today was to upload all the images and other files I had. so that once I got working on the pages, I wouldn't be slowed down.

9/11/10   6:20PM  
Florida State 17   Oklahoma 47
This was a fun game to watch.  I was wearing my new 800 wins T-shirt, which is now my lucky T-shirt for the Sooners.  This week I saw a lot of development, particularly in the defensive secondary, several emerging stars, DeMarco catching a few passes, the return of Mossis Madu.  Prayers out for Brennan Clay, who was taken off the field in a neck brace.  Some names to remember from this game Jamell Fleming, Tony Jefferson, & Jonathan Nelson.  This was win #801, consecutive home win #32 (extending the active NCAA best streak), and sellout #69 (school record).

9/8/10   AP#10   USA Today #10
In recognition of the Sooners winning their 800th game, has published a Sooner scrapbook highlighting some of the key milestones along the way.  Check it out!

9/7/2010   AP #10   USA Today #10

About right, I suppose.  I expect we'll see a lot of adjustment on Saturday.

9/4/10  10:30PM   Utah State 24   Oklahoma 31
Well, this game was a lot closer to watch than it should have been.  There were glimpses of brilliance, and the talent was clearly there, but they weren't clicking, weren't working together as a team.  It was good to see DeMarco Murray have a breakout day; he deserves it after all he's been through.  Another highlight was that this was Oklahoma's 800th win.  They are the 7th team to reach that milestone.

9/1/10   AP #7   USA Today #8
Another season, another empty journal.  Will this chronicle a return to the National Championship game?  Or another 8-5 season with Bob Bob bumper stickers starting to appear?  After a lot of off-season drama with league re-alignment, not too much change down the road.  We'll have one less non-conference game, but we have at least one game with a marquee team every year through 2018, so that should be OK.  I will miss the Oklahoma-Nebraska tradition, but that was only happening half the years in the Big XII anyway. I have to say I was a little surprised to see OU ranked so highly coming off a down year, and losing so much talent to the NFL.  Time will tell. . .
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