Sooners  2011
11/27/2011   AP #13   USA Today #11   BCS #10
Don't guess it matters much any more.  Win Saturday, and the Sooners are Big XII champs and going to the Fiesta Bowl.  Lose, and it looks like the Alamo Bowl with K-State getting the #2 Cotton Bowl invite..

11/26/2011   AP #12   USA Today #11   BCS #9
11:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0 
Iowa State 0
OU has to put a tough road loss behind them and get consecutive home win #2.  45 mph N wind may be a big factor today.
11:45   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 3   Iowa State 6
Oklahoma needs to wake up.  They haven't fully taken advantage of two Cyclone turnovers, and let Iowa get an easy score with a high snap.  Offense hasn't looked sharp at all, and ISU has seemed to have found an answer for the previously all but unstoppable Bell-Dozer.. 
12:40   Halftime   Oklahoma 23   Iowa State 6
Looks like the Sooners offense finally got on track.  And the defense shut down iowa State.  Nice!
1:40   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 23   Iowa State 6
So much for the offense getting on track.
2:30   Final   Oklahoma 26   Iowa State 6
It's a win, and we needed a win.  I'm glad that style points don't matter anymore.  I don't guess OSU is exactly quaking in their boots at the thought of Bedlam next weekend.  Hey, maybe that was Stoops's strategy today - to pull a page out of Columbo's playbook and look like a a bunch of bumbling idiots to give the Cowboys a false sense of superiority.  The only thing is the Sooners haven't seemed able to reliably put their brilliant face on when it's needed.
Home Game Win Streak = 2
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!

11/20/2011   AP #12   USA Today #11   BCS #9

11/19/2011   AP#5   USA Today #5   BCS#5
7:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Baylor 0
The Sooners needed OSU to lose.  But not against Iowa State!  OUch.  A little hit to Oklahoma's strength of schedule there...  But the Sooners just need to worry about taking  care of business against Baylor today. 
8:00   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 3   Baylor 3
Some big panalties have kept this from being the shootout everyone expected.  Real tight game.  I think the keys are that Oklahoma IS getting to Griffin, the Oklahoma has shut down Baylor's running game.
8:50   Halftime   Oklahoma 10   Baylor 17
Yikes!  Oklahoma's defense has given up some really big plays that directly led to each of Baylor's TDs.  And only a penalty prevented a third on the second play of the game.  The Belldozer has done a great job on his two plays.  I do think the Sooners are missing Broyles and Whaley today.  Finch has been an effective runner, but isn't an every down kind of back.  On the plus side, OU has become a good 2nd half team.  I hope they are today!
10:00  4th Quarter  Oklahoma 24   Baylor 31
11:00   Final   Oklahoma 38  
Baylor 45
Unbelievable.  Oklahoma comes back to score the 2nd touchdown.  They try for 2 to go one up, but movement on the line backed them up 5 yards so they kicked the PAT to tie.  So Baylor gets the ball back with 51 seconds, and runs the 1st down play for 4 yards.  Looks like they're settling for overtime until OU calls a time out.  Then Griffin comes out firing, and Baylor moves it down the field for the touchdown.  And recovers the squib kick to boot.  I agree whole-heartedly with Stoops decision to go for 2 after the TD, but really hated the idea of calling the time out and pushing Baylor to make sure they made a first down, and going for at least a FG made sense.  What a wasted opportunity, in so many ways.
GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!

11/13/2011   AP#5   USA Today #5   BCS#5
Thanks, TCU.  Thanks Oregon.  A little more light from the top shining on the Sooners now.

11/12/2011  AP#7   USA Today #7   BCS #6
Bye week #2.  Lots of good games around the conference and around the country. 

11/5/2011   AP#7   USA Today #7   BCS #6
6:45   Final  
Texas A&M 25   Oklahoma 41
I was out of town for this one, but had a lot of fun watching it with my fellow suspects at the Purple Sage Ranch near Bandera TX trying to save the world from murder and mayhem at a weekend hosted by Murder Mystery Texas.  I wish we could have saved Ryan Broyles from a torn ACL.
Home Game Win Streak = 1

10/29/2011   AP#11   USA Today #9   BCS #9
2:30   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Kansas State 0
The polls and the bookies are in deep disagreement for this game.  Oklahoma is favored by 2 TDs at Manhattan against an undefeated K-State.  What matters, though is the score at the end of the game.  Let's get started!
3:30   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 14   Kansas State 3
Yikes.  That was a horrific injury on the first play of the game that took Dominique Whaley down.  I'm afraid he's done for the season.  Otherwise, Sooners are shining on both offense and defense. 
4:20   Halftime   Oklahoma 23   Kansas State 17
Tackling tackling tackling.  That's basic football, and the defense isn't getting it done.  Landry Jones has made some bad decisions and some bad throws, but his receivers have given him some help.  Jaz Reynolds inparticular made some brilliant plays.  Unfortuntely, they said Whaley's leg is broken, so he'll be done for the regular season, at least.
5:20   4th Quarter   Okahoma 44   Kansas State 17
Venables seems to have gotten the OU defense to figure out the tackling thing.  Hope the lessons stick.  Finch continues to excel.  Landry Jones has settled down and been Mr. Consistency. 
5:55   Final   Oklahoma 58   Kansas State 17
Nice 4th Quarter.  Oklahoma made a statement today.  Defense really stepped it up - only 32 yards, and no points for the 2nd half.  Landry Jones set an Oklahoma record with 505 yards passing.  So I guess the bookies had it right, and the pollsters had it wrong.  And it turns out Oklahoma has preserved another record - the longest streak in NCAA Division I football without back-to-back losses in the same season.  The last time OU lost two in a row was in 2003 when they lost to K-State in the Big XII chamionship, and then lost to LSU in the National Championship game. 

10/23/2011   AP#11   USA Today #9   BCS #9

10/22/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1   BCS #3
7:00   Kickoff  
Texas Tech 0   Oklahoma 0
In an interesting twist brought about by the shift to a 10 team Big XII, with all teams playing each other, Tech has to come to Norman for the 2nd year in a row.  What makes this so interesting is that In the last 7 years, the home team has won this game.  Oklahoma has been dominating at home, winning their last 39 home games, the longest home winning streak in the NCAA FBS.  Long weather delay in progress, so no kickoff as of 8:00.
8:45  Kickoff   Texas Tech 0   Oklahoma 0
Loooong weather delay. . .
12:15   Final  
Texas Tech 41   Oklahoma 38
Real nail-biter, so I watched in a different room.   Heart-breaking to come so close and fall short.  But Oklahoma proved they have heart, and can play 4 quarters.  Need to work on red zone efficiency, and preventing big gains by opposing offenses from always turning into huge gains.

10/16/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1   BCS #3

10/15/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1
8:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Kansas 0
Away game against a Kansas team with Oklahoma's former OC Chuck Long calling plays - should be unteresting.  Ryan Broyles needs 4 receptions to pass a record for NCAA FBS career receptions.
9:20   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 10   Kansas 7
1st quarter didn't go as expected.  One bright spot has been some nice runs by Roy Finch.  Otherwise, Landry Jones has been just a little off, receivers have dropped some catchable balls, and a busted play on 4th & 1 went 56 yards for a touchdown.  Hope this quarter follows the script a little more closely.
10:10   Halftime   Oklahoma 27   Kansas 17
Nice that Ryan Broyles got his reception record with a 57 yard TD.  Oklahoma needs to maintain discipline on defense to keep busted plays from turning into big plays.  Causing some turnovers would be nice, too.  And somehow, Oklahoma needs to be able to push the ball into the endzone from close in.
11:15   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 30   Kansas 17
Good news - no Kansas scores.  Bad news - only one Oklahoma socre, and that for a FG rather than a TD.  Glad to see Stills back in; and hope to see Finch back soon.  Sooners really need to push this one on.
12:00   Final   Oklahoma 47   Kansas 17
Great 4th quarter by the "D".  Although they did finally give up 1 first down, that was followed by three straight plays for losses.  It's funny, the score this week was not that much different from last week's 55-17, but it sure felt closer this week.  I think Turner Gill put a nice chunk of ice on his hot seat tonight, because Kansas played very tough.

10/9/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1
Oklahoma picked up a few votes.

10/8/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1
11:00   Kickoff   Oklahoma 0  
Texas 0
Another Oklahoma - Texas game.  The Stoops vs Brown series is the longest in the history of the Red River Shootout.  Earlier this season, it appeared that this might be the last one for a while, then that it might be the last one as part of the Big XII.  Instead it's A&M vs Tech for the last time today.  Looking for some fireworks from the Sooner offense and solid performance from the "D". 
11:50   2nd Quarter   Oklahoma 6   Texas 3
Defense has been awesome.  Need some creativity on offense though, especially in the red zone.  Great game so far!
12:50   Halftime   Oklahoma 34   Texas 10
Fantastic 2nd quarter for the defense - no points allowed & 7 points scored on a Pick-6 by Demontre Hurst.  The offense capitalized on good field position, with 4 touchdowns scored.  Good to see Roy Finch showing the flash he provided last year, and Jaz Reynolds is demonstrating that he can't be ignored.
1:55   4th Quarter   Oklahoma 48   Texas 10
Another 7 points for the defense, and a great run by Whaley.  Fantastic performance by the D to convert 1st&10 at the 14 to 4th&49 at the Texas 47.
2:45   Final   Oklahoma 55  Texas 17
A dominant performance by the Sooners.  The Sooner defense outscored the Longhorn offense 21-10.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Tom Wort. 

10/2/2011   AP #3   USA Today #1
Whatever.  When the SEC beats each other up, it won't matter.

10/1/2011   AP #2   USA Today #1
6:00   Kickoff  
Ball State 0   Oklahoma 0
Sigh.  It's on pay-per-view.  So I'm "watching" it on Yahoo!   It lacks a little in spectacular play viewing...
6:50   2nd Quarter   Ball State 3 Oklahoma 10
Defense has been doing well as the only points scored off a fumbled punt.  Offense alternating great and flat. 
7:45   Halftime   Ball State 6   Oklahoma 38
Oklahoma made Ball State pay for some bad passes.  Whaley is having a terrific game, and it's good to see Roy Finch making some plays.  Nice job.
8:55   4th Quarter   Ball State 6   Oklahoma 59
Bring on the 2nd teamers! 
9:40   Final   Ball State 6   Oklahoma 62
Good game by the Sooners.  Nice win.  They are continuing to play clean - only 33 penalty yards in today's contest.  Now it's time to take care of the Longhorns.
Home Game Win Streak = 39

9/25/2011   AP #2   USA Today #1
Lost a notch to LSU.  It's all good.  Only the last poll matters.

9/24/2011   AP #1   USA Today #1
7:00   Kickoff  
Missouri 0   Oklahoma 0
Opening Big XII play & it looks like the Big XII will be around for a while longer.  Should be a good one!
8:10   2nd Quarter   Missouri 14   Oklahoma 10
Yikes!  Not a great start for this one.  Oklahoma can score in a hurry, so no reason to panic.  They've gotten some good play, but need to be more consistent on defense.  And make a trip to the red zone mean a touchdown.
9:00   Halftime   Missouri 14    Oklahoma 24
That looks better.  Really pleased to see new names stepping up - Jazz Reynolds and James Hanna in particular.  Like to see a little more production from Roy Finch.  Good to see Ryan Broyles with a great game; he was bottled up more than usual last week.
10:45   Final   Missouri 28 Oklahoma 38
Glad to get that one into the W column.  Nice to see the team keep their poise and keep doing their thing, and get the job done. 
Home Game Win Streak = 38

9/17/2011   AP #1   USA Today #1
11:50   Final   Oklahoma 23  
Florida State 13
Watched this one from a hotel room in Boston.  What a great game!  OU showed that they can play 4 quarters with no letup.

9/10/2011   AP #1   USA Today #1
Bye week, so not much going on.  OU did become the first college program to reach 100 weeks as #1 in the AP polls.  

9/3/2011    AP #1   USA Today #1
7:00   Kickoff  
Tulsa 0   Oklahoma 0
Kick-off Time.  Blank slate, shy-high expectations.  Lots of off-season distractions.  Ready for the football.
7:55   2nd Quarter   Tulsa 10   Oklahoma 10
Sooners seem to be off to a solid start.  I'm impressed with their new walk-on RB Dominique Whaley.  I suspect he'll be a househould name by the end of the season.
8:50   Halftime   Tulsa 7   Oklahoma 30
Generally good execution.  A few lapses.  But overall, a very nice performance.
11:00   Final   Tulsa 14   Oklahoma 47
Nice job by the Sooners! 
Home Game Win Streak = 37

8/26/2011    10:24 PM    AP #1    USA Today #1 
The AP has been ranking college football teams for 75 years now, since 1936. has reviewed the end-of-season polls and compiled a list of the all-time highest ranked programs.  If you think Oklahoma fared well on this review, you would be right.  The are THE all-time AP Poll leader heading into a new decade.  Go Sooners!

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